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Article from the Scottish edition of the Sun news paper

My love for the killer,and for the Victim, and the Monkeys

Margaret Johnston shared passionate affair with 'lustful and energetic'
Bob Rose, Cancer lies of a devious monster

TWISTED Orkney love triangle killer Jack Campbell wooed ex-partner Margaret Johnston with a free monkey - then LIED to her that he was dying of cancer.
Scheming Campbell, 59, lured her to Sanday after promising to set up a sanctuary for "rescued" primates.
They met online after Margaret's marmoset Kiki died - and Campbell offered her a new pet.
She said: "Then he told me he was dying of kidney cancer, was splitting up from his wife and was going to lose his home.
"He said he was worried about who'd take care of the monkeys when he died."
Margaret, 34 - who went on to have a daughter, Brandi, now two, with brute Campbell - added: "I had tunnel vision, this knee-high dream of being with monkeys.
"He pulled on my heartstrings with my passion for animals.
"Jack made out the monkeys had been rescued from mad scientists. He also said the same people were treating his cancer and using him as a human guinea pig. "But I found out it was all lies."

Black Bob fling ended in murder

Black Bob's shattered ex last night told of her love for the tragic islander, his killer - and the MONKEYS she dumped them both for.
Former lapdancer Margaret Johnston, 34, was torn between victim Bob Rose, 54, and murderer Jack Campbell for months before the 59-year-old brute finally struck in a jealous rage.
And the mum-of-three admitted she is now haunted by the thought Bob might still be alive if they had never met.
She said: "I saw Bob's family at court and I thought, 'Are they blaming me?'
"I don't know what I'd say if I met them. I did love their dad. It was this deep passion which saw monkey-loving Margaret and Bob embark on a torrid affair just months after he arrived on the tiny Orkney isle of Sanday.

Death scene ... cottage where Bob was battered and smothered

And she revealed her new man was simply too hard to resist - despite still living with Campbell.
Margaret - who has had a boob job to boost her bust to 36D - said: "Bob was energetic, lustful, filled with passion. Jack was more basic.
There was a physical relationship with Jack when I was with Bob. I knew in my heart it was wrong but I felt guilty and sorry for him, but Bob gave me butterflies in my stomach.
I didn't feel that for Jack but I did care for him, and I had my daughter Brandi with him.

Murdered ..Bob Rose

In the end, neither rival could win her heart, as she left the island after deciding her monkeys meant more.
And Margaret told how she regretted blanking text messages from Bob days before his death.
She added: If I'd texted him back, maybe he wouldn't have had so much to drink and he'd have stood a better chance.
Campbell - known as Monkey Man - and his cash-strapped accomplice Stephen Crummack, 51, hit their victim over the head and smothered him with a pillow last June.

They then robbed him of his wallet containing £200, wrapped his body in a duvet and buried him in a shallow grave in sand dunes.
But they were finally brought to justice at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday as Campbell was convicted of murder and Crummack found guilty of culpable homicide.
Margaret said: "Bob had texted me saying 'Should I be worried? I've heard Jack and Steve are coming to get me,' a couple of weeks earlier.
He was laughing it off. I don't think he believed Jack was capable.
The disastrous love triangle developed after Bob - known as Black Bob because of his dirty fingernails - arrived on Sanday from Rotherham, South Yorks, in February 2008.

Margaret's relationship with Campbell was already on the rocks after he lied about having cancer.
The pair lived together at Telegraph Cottage - where they had set up a centre to rescue former lab monkeys.
But she slept on the sofa or in her son's room and only stayed to look after their 30 animals.
Margaret said: "Bob approached Jack early one morning and told him we had feelings for each other,  Jack asked me if it was true and I said yes. His face fell.

A few weeks later he came out of the bedroom with a gun stuck in his waistband. He said 'I'm going to get him, I'm going to end this'.  I phoned Bob to warn him, but he came racing up to confront Jack, Bob was goading him, saying 'Go on then, shoot me'.
The police came next day and took the gun, which turned out to be a replica. They should have taken it seriously, maybe if they had  Bob would still be alive."
Margaret said she fled the home she shared with Campbell many times, but always went back when he threatened to destroy the animals. In court, she agreed with defence QC Donald Findlay that the monkeys came first, second and last.

The monkey enclosure at Jack Campbell's island home

Last night she revealed: "Jack would phone and say he couldn't look after the monkeys and they would have to be destroyed, He'd say I had to make a choice.The monkeys were the only reason I went back."
Margaret, who now lives in Brora, Sutherland, revealed she was used to hardship and heartache - having been forced to work briefly as a lapdancer and a HOOKER years before meeting Campbell. She worked in an Edinburgh massage parlour in a desperate bid to get out of debt.
Last night she admitted: "I started out lapdancing, but I really didn't like it because it was so exposed. I only did it once or twice.
I worked as an escort on and off for about a year but it wasn't a huge part of my life. I was deep in debt. I just wanted to solve my financial problems.

But more anguish was to follow years later, after meeting Campbell in Falkirk and moving to Sanday.
She said the brutal killer once battered her head off a concrete floor and tried to throttle her, adding: "He's malicious when he doesn't get his way.
But she told how she couldn't stay with loving Bob either - and their romance ground to a halt after he hit the booze. She said: "He'd come to Sanday for peace but seemed to be losing sight of that.

Margaret said Bob's feelings were stronger than hers - but she still texted intimate snaps of herself after leaving Sanday. She said: "He'd asked me to send something saucy, so I did."
She had quit the island for good in February 2009 after deciding her monkeys were more important. Just four months later Bob was dead.
The mum, who still wears a heart-shaped pendant and a diamond cluster ring from Bob around her neck, added: "He was a rough diamond but he had a heart of gold.

"He was a soul mate and my heart goes out to Bob's family.
"I feel so sorry for Brandi too - she has lost her father, Jack because of what he has done."
Widower Bob's children Katie, 25, James, 19, and Chris, 28, scattered their father's ashes on the island last year. Last night a spokesman for Northern Constabulary confirmed they attended an incident on Sanday in June 2008, but that no offences had been committed.
She said: "A full investigation of the circumstances was carried out and a replica firearm was surrendered.  But no offences were found to have been committed.

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