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Let This be a Warning to all those who may be thinkING
of trusting Ann Chapman

Let This be a Warning:  Mrs Ann Chapman  of 14 Northwood Drive Newmains,  Wishaw ,Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML2 9NY, But claims to be now of 19 Newton Drive Newmains,   ML2 9DB  Scotland. Telephone No 07592203308.

Read the full report on how she as deceived us and have failed to pay us the £500 that we trusted her to do so.

This has now made us very reluctant to trust anyone else. see the full story of her deception and along with her emails and conditions of contract below.

Ann Chapman came to us and  wanted to purchase 2 baby Marmosets, telling us that she had good outside aviaries and had kept marmoset in the past.

We gave her a price of £2000 for an unrelated  pair, for which she agreed to pay, but she stated she could not afford all the amount in one go could she pay £1,500 and pay the balance by the 21st of August 2011 (2 months later)

We trusted and took  Ann Chapman on her word to keep to our agreement, See terms on invoice below.

Having contacted her on the phone on the 18th of August again asking for the balance, this was over 2 month after she took possession of the marmosets, Ann Chapman then asked me in an email ( See email below) for another 6 weeks to pay this we allowed.

After this period she then stated that 1 of the marmosets had died, it was then that we found out she had them inside in her home and not in outside in aviaries as she said they would be housed in.

I would like to add that we even travelled to pick Ann Chapman up from a bus station in Milton Keynes 25 mile from our place and took her back to the bus station with the marmosets later.

We were then informed by her that 1 of the 2 marmosets had died.

We then asked for the Scotish SPCA to visit and check on the condition of this remaining baby and the condition it was being kept in.

It was from the visiting SPCA officer report that he  informed us there were 2 marmosets not one that had been claimed, this led us to believe that when she said 1 had died this may not have been the case.

We have been too trusting and have been let down by Ann Chapman  
We would therefore like to warn all who comes into contact with her to be careful as she cannot be trusted. We are now having to take legal action in the small claims court for the return of the marmoset she has not paid for or for the balance of £500 plus costs.  We have given her to the 21st of June to pay us the balance but she has failed to respond even after a recorded letter was sent with a copy of our invoice and her emails asking for more time back in August. This was not signed for as it was stated moved away.

See emails below that shows she excepts liability and shows she does owe us the money

Balance of payment

Thursday, 18 August, 2011 13:39

From: "Christine S" <>

To: "ann chapman" <>

Dear Ann,
Our agreement was to sell you two marmosets being collected on the 21st June, and you agreed to pay the balance on or before the 21st August 2011. As you know we did have other buyers who wanted one of these baby marmosets,  we thought it would be best to let you have it as not to have the marmoset on its own, this was with an agreement between you and us. that you pay us the balance, we took you on your word that you would keep to this agreement. having spoken to Patrick he has said we should allow you another 2 weeks but no longer, I do hope this meets with your approval and we look forward in receiving the balance within the 2 week that we have given you Mrs Christine Smith.
From Christine
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-- On Thu, 18/8/11, ann chapman <> wrote:
From: ann chapman <>Subject: RE: Baby Marmose
.To: Thursday, 18 August, 2011, 13:05

if you could givve me another 6 wks i would be most grateful

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 12:38:04 +0100From: RE: Baby Marmoset
Hi Ann,
thank you for the email,when do you think your be paying us, You have been given 2 months and you did agree to pay the balance by the 21st of August. as shown on your invoice/recipt.
Can you please tell me when you will make the finial payment of the balance of £500.00p by. I understand you not wanting another one, but the one you have should not be kept on its own. I look forward in hearing from you with information regards the above. Kind Regards Christine.

From Christine
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-- On Thu, 18/8/11, ann chapman <> wrote:
From: ann chapman <>Subject: RE: Baby Marmoset
.To: Thursday, 18 August, 2011, 12:23
i will need a bit longer to get the money together as i had to pay my sons friend back for the one that died as he was causing a few arguments but i will have the money soon i dont think i would like another marmoset at the moment i would be scared something happened to it.


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